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Putting Coaching on the Table

Spread the word…coaching! Even though business and career coaching have received lots of recent attention in the press and in the workplace, many business professionals are still unaware of how it works. As a consequence, coaching isn’t always factored as a potential response to meeting business challenges, even though it can have huge impact for […]

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I’m a manager, but have never coached before. Why should I start now?

Many of the ways you behave in a conversation with a direct report, a peer, even your boss, may reflect your intuitive ability to listen intently and ask open-ended, thought-provoking questions—the mainstays of successful coaching. Imagine leveraging this intuitive ability with a conscious, take-the-reins approach. Coaching can do that, because it’s about positive, lasting change. […]

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Is coaching SMART?

Guest blogger: Jerry Murphy Since the economic crisis shook the earth a few years ago, organizations and the people in them have had to shift gears in confronting almost daily challenges and uncertainty. Managers and executives have found themselves not only dealing with transitions, new assignments, and fewer supports…but also increasing performance expectations. Faced with […]

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